Your website is full of great information, but some prospective customers will still need help in understanding what your company can offer them. Your existing customers might be experiencing trouble and need a helping hand.

Being able to instantly speak with your website visitors, share your screen and show products is an incredibly powerful way to help customers quickly get the information they need.

Here are five ideas for using live video chat on your website.

1) Answer pricing questions

Pricing is one of the most common areas where  prospective customers will have questions. Enabling live video chat on your website can enable visitors to instantly speak with a representative from your team that can talk through all of your different pricing scenarios. By being able to speak with the visitor, it also gives your team confidence that this person is a serious prospective customer.


2) Discuss use cases and features 

Many potential customers will have questions about your product that aren’t answered on your website. Does it integrate with this system? Can I use it in this way? Being able to talk through these scenarios lets you quickly help customers understand if your product is the right fit for them.

Often times, if these questions aren’t highlighted on your website, visitors will assume you don’t offer that capability. Instead of having to type out long-winded responses that can confuse prospects, with video, you can talk through their questions about this functionality.


3) Show your product

What does reporting look like? How do I create a campaign? Can I add multiple users? Visitors that are in a buying cycle will have more detailed questions.

While they may need to schedule a longer call in the future, being able to do a quick video chat and answer their questions is a great way to get ahead of competitors and show that you have the right solution. A picture is worth a thousand words.


4) Provide quick support

Taking 3 minutes to speak with a customer can quickly turn a negative situation into a very positive one. For example, if a customer requested support help by submitting a ticket, but didn’t receive it, a quick video chat can let you talk with each person one-on-one and solve their problems. Providing a personal touch and quickly solving their problem is a great way to create a raving fan.


5) Qualify prospective customers 

While customers are asking questions, you also have an opportunity to determine if they are a good fit for your company. Instead of spending hours calling back prospects and setting up demos for people that aren’t qualified to purchase your products, live video chat on your website lets you quickly determine if a visitor matches your ideal customer profile. Your reps can then immediately schedule follow up demos and calls for prospects that are the best fit.



Letting visitors initiate live video calls on your website lets your company instantly answer each visitor’s questions and create a human connection. You can answer questions, show your product and even quickly identify your hottest prospects. It’s very effective, and much faster than requiring a visitor to submit a contact form.

What are your thoughts on enabling live video chat on your website? How else are you using it?

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