Now available: Hide UIViews and information with Eraser!

Replaying user behavior is a breakthrough for customer-centric teams. Nothing is more powerful than being able to sit in a user’s shoes and see the exact problems they experienced in your app.However, with great power, comes great responsibility. As product owners, … Read More


Crash Replay – Now available for iOS

“Sorry, we cannot reproduce that error.”This is the most frustrating user experience. Customers feels like you are putting them off and ignoring their help requests. Your QA and product-support teams waste hours scouring through logs and stack traces with nothing … Read More


User Session Recording: Now Available for Mobile and iOS

As we’ve worked with tech companies around the world to help them communicate with customers visually, we’ve heard the same question over and over: When will I be able to replay and watch the issues my users are experiencing in our mobile … Read More

Business storytelling – everyone’s doing it, how to stand out? (Guest Post)

Research indicates that 78 percent of CMOs think content is the future of marketing. And two thirds of marketers think branded content is superior to PR, direct mail, and print advertising.Woa! Looks like content is catching on like a wildfire, … Read More

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New in Breakout Room: Screen recording for agents in Zendesk; Build and share your library

We’ve made several major updates to Breakout Room to make it easier to create, organize and share videos. We’re very happy to be able to share them with you.Zendesk app updatesOur Zendesk app has now been updated so that agents … Read More


Startups: Don’t overreact to dots

“Altogether too often, people substitute opinions for facts and emotions for analysis.” – Only the Paranoid SurviveAs a startup, you’re constantly getting new data and feedback from the market. Every day, it seems like you have discovered something new about your … Read More


Why self-service is the future of customer support – and how you can get it right

Customer experience is evolving. Until recently, the gold standard for customer service was embodied by businesses such as Ritz Carlton. Helpful concierges were available for any need you might have – ready to answer any question. But, times have changed. Now, … Read More


How to use video for better customer support

Today, more than ever, customer experience is critical. Yet, how we support and educate our customers hasn’t changed in decades. In an Instagram and Snapchat-fueled world, support teams must move away from user-manuals and knowledge-bases that look like encyclopedias. Modern … Read More

Apple customer support

How Apple uses level scheduling as its secret to incredible customer service

Apple’s extraordinary customer service is well documented. And while you might think that success is due to ninja “Geniuses” that can fix anything – that’s only part of the story. The real secret to Apple’s customer service is their use … Read More

Screen Recording for Zendesk Now Available

Research has shown that we process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. And, 90% of all information the brain processes is visual. If the power of visual information is so clear, why do we still default to always communicating over email … Read More