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Book Review: How the Challenger Sale can separate you from the competition

The Challenger Sale has become one of the most popular sales books of the past decade. The book, from authors Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson, puts a new spin on the traditional relationship sale. The Challenger Sale flips the assumption that … Read More

New Features: One-Click Meetings, Screen Sharing and More

Today, we’re sharing the latest updates and new features for Breakout Room. One-click meetings and invitesYou can now start a separate meeting room instantly within Breakout Room. Previously, you could only meet website visitors that requested a chat. Now, you can instantly … Read More

New in Breakout Room: Redesigned chat

This week, we’re launching major new user-interface updates for Breakout Room. These updates will make it much easier to manage multiple chats, provide a much larger viewing area for videos and also fix other bugs.Redesigned chatWe’ve launched a brand new … Read More

New in Breakout Room: Two-way audio and video with website visitors

When customers have questions, there’s nothing better than being able to speak with someone and get an answer right now.Sending messages via email or chat is a good start, but the lag time between responses is incredibly frustrating. For sales … Read More

The new Breakout Room is Live

At Breakout Room, we want to make it easier and faster for your prospects and customers to connect with you.Today, we’ve officially launched the newest version of Breakout Room. This update lets you have instant conversations with website visitors. But, … Read More

5 Ways to Use Video Chat to Delight Customers

Your website is full of great information, but some prospective customers will still need help in understanding what your company can offer them. Your existing customers might be experiencing trouble and need a helping hand. Being able to instantly speak with your … Read More

New eBook: Bounce Rate Benchmark Report

What’s the average bounce rate for a B2B website? is a low bounce rate a good thing? How does it impact my funnel? For marketers, bounce rates can be a very confusing metric. We’ve created a new eBook, “Bounce Rate … Read More

Welcome to the new Breakout Room

Since we launched our beta of Breakout Room a few weeks ago, we’ve received incredible feedback from our users. You’ve been using Breakout Room for a variety of ways, all taking advantage of Breakout Room’s instant video conferencing and screen … Read More