“Sorry, we cannot reproduce that error.”

This is the most frustrating user experience. Customers feels like you are putting them off and ignoring their help requests. Your QA and product-support teams waste hours scouring through logs and stack traces with nothing to show for their efforts. For product teams, it’s incredibly frustrating to deal with all but the most obvious product bugs.

That ends today with Breakout Room’s new Crash Replay feature. We’re so thrilled to share that you can now instantly watch and replay any crash session. No more asking users how to reproduce their issues – you can rewind time and see the facts.

Crash Replay integrates directly with your favorite crash reporting tools like Crashlytics, letting you watch recording of any crash report in Crashlytics.

There’s no extra code to write, just enable Breakout Room, and we instantly work with Crashlytics. When a user experiences a crash, you’ll be able to automatically replay exactly what the user saw and the steps they took leading up to the crash.


Get to know Crash Replay

Crash Replay is simple to setup and works instantly. We’ve included a two-minute walkthrough below to help you get started.


Help Users and Get Back To Work

Start using Crash Replay today to reproduce user issues, deliver better support and then get back to work building your products. Crash Replay is included with every Breakout Room account and now available.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for how we can continue to improve. Email us or leave a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.

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