Show. Don't tell.

The visual way to connect with visitors, prospects and customers on your website.

Video Chat On Your Website in a Single Click


Chat live with visitors on your website.

Video and Voice

Start an instant video conference with website visitors. Share your webcam or an external camera.

Screen Share

Run a product demo or tutorial by sharing your screen.


Ensure you never miss a conversation by letting customers schedule call backs. Calendar invites automatically sync with your operators’ calendars.

No Software Downloads

Existing video and screen sharing tools require you to download software. Breakout Room runs directly within your web browser so that you can instantly connect with customers.

Alerts and Notifications


See new chat requests and join within the Breakout Room app.

Email and SMS

Breakout Room will also immediately email or text any available agent as soon as a chat is requested.

Start meeting customers face to face.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to see a webcam video feed from each visitor?

No, visitors can only see video from an operator. Visitors can talk with you, but they will not be able to share their webcam.

Is there any software to install?

No. Visitors can join a video chat using any browser. Operators can run chats and video calls through their website browser. There’s nothing to install.

How long does it take to get up and running?

5 minutes. You just need to add the Breakout Room javascript to your website. It’s as easy as adding Google Analytics.