Use Cases

For sales and support teams.


The Problem

For sales teams, qualified prospects are the key to closing new customers. Yet, when a prospect is on our website and wants to speak with us, what do we do? What do we do when this person is the most interested in our company?

We require them to submit a contact request, and we promise to respond within 48 hours. The result? Your prospect is left frustrated with unanswered questions and the uncertainty of not knowing when they’ll receive a response. And, your sales team is overwhelmed calling back prospects, getting their voicemail, sending emails and repeating the process over and over.

No wonder your prospects are talking to competitors.

The Solution

Let’s stop putting up roadblocks and frustrating prospects.

Breakout Room lets website visitors instantly talk with your sales team via chat, phone or video conference. Need to show a quick demo or share your screen? It’s seamless and instant with Breakout Room. No more contact forms.

If it’s after hours, or your team isn’t available, prospects can schedule a specific time for a call back. This sets the customers’ expectation, as they know exactly when they’ll get their questions answered. It also prevents your team from endless follow up calls and emails.

The result? More qualified prospects in your pipeline, fewer follow up tasks for your sales team, and an incredible customer experience.


The Problem

Ticket-based support systems are broken. Customers have a problem they’re trying to solve right now, yet they have to submit a support ticket and wait hours (or days!) for a response.

Then, the customer and your support team go back and forth explaining details over email that often get lost in translation. If you’re lucky, after a few hours (and most likely a phone call or two), you have a resolution.

Your customer is frustrated the’ve wasted their day, and your support team has spent hours resolving a single ticket.

The Solution

Why do we avoid helping our customers when they need it most?

With Breakout Room, when customers are actually using your software and need help, they can instantly talk with your support team via chat and video conference. Because each person can talk and share screens, issues that previously took hours are resolved in minutes.

If a member of your team isn’t available, customers can schedule a call back at a specific time. This eliminates the back and forth of support tickets, and gives your customer the peace of mind in knowing exactly when they’ll be able to resolve their issue.

By working with your customers in real-time, you’re able to resolve issues in minutes, instead of days, and transform the customer experience.