• Screen recording wherever you need it.

    Instant replay for mobile apps
    Breakout Room lets you record and replay every user interaction. Swipes, taps and even app crashes.

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Understand user behavior like never before

Watch and analyze user behavior

See where users are struggling in your app by replaying user sessions and analyzing every tap, gesture and interaction.

Research problems in your app

Analyze your user experience by filtering sessions based on device type, session length, user events and dozens of other data points.

Replay bugs and crashes

Breakout Room integrates with Crashlytics and lets you replay every event leading to a crash.

More benefits

No performance impact

Breakout Room runs seamlessly in the background and doesn’t affect your user experience.

Complete data privacy

You have complete control over which elements of your app Breakout Room does – and does not – record.

No-hassle install

Add two lines of code to your app, and Breakout Room automatically records every screen and user interaction.

Record offline

Record even if a user is offline, and recordings will be uploaded the next time the user is online.

With Breakout Room, we can instantly replicate a customer’s issue and then visually show customers exactly what to do next. It’s a huge time saver for our team and our customers.
Blake Cohen Customer Advocate, Chute
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