This week, we’re launching major new user-interface updates for Breakout Room. These updates will make it much easier to manage multiple chats, provide a much larger viewing area for videos and also fix other bugs.

Redesigned chat

We’ve launched a brand new chat interface that makes it much easier to manage simultaneous chats.

Operators can now participate in multiple chats at once. Chats also take up the majority of the screen, allowing more viewing space.

For visitors, chat requests now pop out into their own separate window. This also provides more screen real estate for video. (It also makes it possible for us to enable some exciting new features that are coming soon.)

screen share

Time zones

Operating hours now support time zones. No more converting to UTC time!

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 3.29.32 PM


Other bug fixes

We also launched a variety of fixes to resolve audio and video stability issues.

We hope you enjoy this week’s release. We sincerely welcome your feedback and suggestions for future product updates. Please leave a comment or chat us with your thoughts!







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