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We’ve made several major updates to Breakout Room to make it easier to create, organize and share videos. We’re very happy to be able to share them with you.

Zendesk app updates

Our Zendesk app has now been updated so that agents can seamlessly view, create and share recordings within Zendesk. This brings visual communication into Zendesk and lets agents easily show customers exactly how to resolve their issues. Now, it’s simple to communicate over video with customers and ensure that no details are ever lost in translation.

Agents can seamlessly view customer-submitted screen recordings. Agents can also create a new screen recording on the fly and add it to their response, all without having to leave Zendesk.

Agents can also view their library of personal and shared recordings and include any video in a response. This is major time-saver for including video tutorials of common issues – such as password resets or reporting questions – in ticket responses.

This update to our Zendesk app is now available. Breakout Room customers: please contact us, and we’ll email you a link to download the newest version.


Video library

Users can now log into Breakout Room to organize and view their library of recordings.

Breakout Room users can view all past recordings, access any video’s URL for sharing, and also delete videos.

Users can also share a recording with their entire team. Create a great “password reset” video tutorial? Now, you can give your entire team access to that video and let them share it with customers.

If you’ve enable customers to create and submit screen recordings, you’ll see those videos under the “Customer Submissions” tab.  

Wrapping Up

These new updates let any team using Zendesk seamlessly enable their customers and agents to create and share screen recordings. Teams can now also organize and share videos, making it simple to start building a library of videos that will delight, and guide, your customers.



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