When customers have questions, there’s nothing better than being able to speak with someone and get an answer right now.

Sending messages via email or chat is a good start, but the lag time between responses is incredibly frustrating. For sales teams, this causes potential customers to start talking to competitors. For customer support teams, it leads to long resolution times and frustrated customers.

Sometimes, you just need to pick up the phone.

Two-way audio and video is now available

Until today, operators in Breakout Room could share their webcam and screen with website visitors during chats. But, visitors could only reply through text.

Today, that changes. Website visitors can now instantly share their webcam and have a conversation with your agents. Live chat on your website is now an instant, human conversation.

Best of all, the conversations are instant and seamless. There’s nothing to download. Nothing for visitors to install.

For sales, this means you can now sell faster by speaking with prospective customers when they’re on your website and most interested in your company.

For support, you’ll be resolving issues faster by answering questions in real time. No more email threads that take weeks to resolve.

bidirectional video chat

Try it now, free.

Want to spend less time emailing and setting up meetings? Ready to spend more time helping customers? Sign up for Breakout Room free, today.


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