Replaying user behavior is a breakthrough for customer-centric teams. Nothing is more powerful than being able to sit in a user’s shoes and see the exact problems they experienced in your app.

However, with great power, comes great responsibility. As product owners, it’s our responsibility to respect users and only record activity that’s necessary. To support this, Breakout Room now enables app developers to hide specific UIViews, screens and elements with our new Eraser feature.


With this feature, developers can designate specific UIViews within their app to hide, and Breakout Room will block those elements from being recorded. Examples of UViews to hide include:

  • Password
  • Addresses
  • Payment information


Normal video

Erased video with hidden field


With Eraser, we’re making it easier than ever for app teams to adopt Breakout Room and respect user’s private information. Ready to get started? Visit our documentation to implement Eraser.


Have questions? Want to know more about Eraser? Reach out and our team will be happy to help.




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