Research has shown that we process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. And, 90% of all information the brain processes is visual.

If the power of visual information is so clear, why do we still default to always communicating over email and text?

The Power of Visuals for Customer Support

Take customer-support teams. Support tickets and emails are still the primary means of communicating with customers. But, customers and support agents often become confused about the details and instructions of an email. (“Where is that green button you mentioned in your last email?”)

Talk with any support team, and they’ll tell you that most issues end up being resolved when they are able to see a screen recording, or a live screen share, of what the customer is experiencing.


Record What’s Happening

Breakout Room now lets customer-support teams embed screen recording functionality into their help desk. When customers have an issue, instead of just typing a text-based description of the issue, they can quickly record their screen and attach the recording to their support request.

Breakout Room hosts the recording and automatically attaches the screen recording when the user submits the support ticket. Best of all, there’s no screen recording software to download or install. The process is fast and seamless for your customers.

Your support agents can then quickly view the screen recording and diagnose your customer’s issue.


Screen Recording Embedded in Your Help Desk


We’re also launching our first help desk integration with Zendesk, enabling you to embed screen-recording capabilities into your Zendesk forms. (Special thank you to the incredibly helpful team at Zendesk!)

We think your customers will love this new functionality, and your support agents will be glad they don’t have to continuously go back to the customer to ask for more information.


Get Started

Want to get started with screen recording for Zendesk? Log in, or create your account.

Want to learn how to get up and running with screen recording? Visit our friendly and helpful knowledge base.


What do you think? We’d love to hear your feedback about how Breakout Room is working for you. 

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