At Breakout Room, we want to make it easier and faster for your prospects and customers to connect with you.

Today, we’ve officially launched the newest version of Breakout Room. This update lets you have instant conversations with website visitors. But, we’ve upped the ante. Breakout Room isn’t just text-based chat. Now, you can launch instant video conferences and screen sharing with visitors directly on your website.

Once you use Breakout Room on your website, you’ll immediately notice how conversations are faster and more productive.


Start with chat. Move to video.


Live chat on your website, or in your app, is helpful. But, the challenge is that text messages only happen so fast and can only have so much information. Sometimes, you just need to pick up the phone and have a quick conversation.

With Breakout Room, your website visitors can start a live chat with you straight on your website. Once the conversation requires a human element, you can instantly launch a video conference through the same chat window. No downloads or plugins – it all happens instantly on your website.

Share your screen


A picture really is worth a thousand words. Instead of just telling your prospect or customer about something, you can switch to Screen Share mode and actually share your screen within the chat. This makes it simple to explain pricing, show a product feature, or troubleshoot an issue. Again, it’s instant and streamlined.


Try Breakout Room – It’s Free

The new Breakout Room is free to use with our Free plan. Skip the contact form and start talking with customers now. Accelerate your sales process. Respond to tickets faster. It’s all possible with Breakout Room.

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