As we’ve worked with tech companies around the world to help them communicate with customers visually, we’ve heard the same question over and over: When will I be able to replay and watch the issues my users are experiencing in our mobile apps?


The Journey from Desktop to Mobile

Breakout Room for desktop enables customers to send screen recordings of their exact issue to customer support, and support agents can then respond back with quick video tutorials to show the customer exactly what to do next.

When we set out to build this capability for mobile, we realized that mobile required a completely different set of technologies, and we were inadvertently creating something much more powerful.

Customer Experience Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Identifying and reproducing user issues isn’t just the responsibility of the customer-support team. It’s the responsibility of the entire company. Product management, engineering, QA, marketing – everyone is responsible for the customer experience.

The problem? Today, the tools we use to identify customer issues often leave us with more questions than answers.

  • Support tickets provide hints that a problem exists, but users rarely can tell you exactly what they did that caused the issue.
  • Logs tell you that something happened, but they don’t tell you what caused it.
  • Analytics indicate you have a problem, but don’t tell you why it’s occurring.


Automatically Replay User Sessions from iOS Apps

Starting with iOS, Breakout Room’s new mobile SDK enables you to automatically record, replay and analyze exactly how users interact with your app. Most importantly, it lets you quickly identify and replicate their exact problem.

  • Are users reporting crashes or bugs? Instantly replay their sessions to see the exact steps leading to the problem.
  • Are customers submitting support tickets? Play back their session to see the exact issue they are encountering.
  • Wondering how users are reacting to a new feature you just launched? Replay sessions from users that interacted with that feature to see how they are responding to it.


What’s Included?

Breakout Room includes a lightweight SDK that is capable of replaying the entire user experience – including screens, taps and swipes – without impacting the performance of your application. Breakout Room features include:

  • iOS SDK; our video compressions algorithms enable automatic recording and replay of user sessions without any impact to user performance.
  • Events and metadata API: push events and metadata to Breakout Room, such as when a user makes a purchase or completes a game level.
  • Advanced search and filtering: Research user issues by searching for recordings containing specific characteristics, such as:
    • Device type
    • OS version
    • User events and metadata
    • App crashes
  • API to trigger and customize your recording behavior. For example, let users manually enable the recordings or only trigger recordings when users interact with certain features.


The Impact

With Breakout Room, your entire company can now sit in the customer’s shoes and understand how users are interacting with your mobile apps. Your teams can research and replicate user problems, all without having to ask the user for more information or analyze server logs.

Now, you don’t have to guess what users are doing – you get visibility into every aspect of user behavior.


How to Get Started

To get started with Breakout Room, sign up for a 14-day free trial of any of our plans. We’ll help you get up and running with our SDK. Or, you can contact us with any questions.


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