Since we launched our beta of Breakout Room a few weeks ago, we’ve received incredible feedback from our users. You’ve been using Breakout Room for a variety of ways, all taking advantage of Breakout Room’s instant video conferencing and screen sharing directly through your browser.

We’ve taken all of your feedback, shifted gears just a bit, and are relaunching Breakout Room as live communication for your website. With the click of a mouse, your website visitors can now request a chat or video conference with your sales reps or support team.

Breakout Room eliminates the time and bottleneck of your website visitors having to submit a contact form or request a demo. Now, you can answer their questions immediately when they’re on your website and most interested in your company.

For sales teams, that means real-time live demos with one of your product experts. With this, you can ensure your visitor doesn’t talk with any other competitor before you. Plus, it eliminates multiple follow up calls and voice mails that your sales team has to complete when a prospect submits a “Request a Demo” form. If you’re an ecommerce retailer, you get to help each visitor with their purchase, visually explain different products and convert more visitors into customers.

For support teams, this means that you avoid never-ending email support chains and get to answer users’ questions in real-time. Instead of telling, you get to show each user what to do next. Your customers get better answers faster, and your support team gets to close more tickets.

We can’t wait to see how you use Breakout Room!

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